Doll x Marionette Print (Gold foil)

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My OCs Yokishi(left) and Shikiyo(right). I find this concept of a wind-up doll and marionette interesting. Both dependent on the user. How will the two interact? Every time I draw these two, they are dancing.

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โœฆ Paper: 350 gsm satin soft touch

โœฆ Size: 21.0×29.7cm (A4)

โœฆ Gold foil

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Weight 25 g

1 review for Doll x Marionette Print (Gold foil)

  1. mitoky

    The artwork and the motive are just gorgous and i am so glad i got this!
    The confetti in the air, the details in the metal pipe, the text beneath the drawing. All is foiled and it looks breathtaking! The good quality of the prints just hightlightens that all the more.

    [Overall info for all ordered prints]
    All prints are printed on thick, sturdy paper with a matt surface on top which feels super smooth and nice to the touch. Everything shipped was put into a plastic A4 sheet to protect the prints during shipping. They all have very good quality!
    On request, everything was signed (i choose the front) and one small detail i didn’t anticipated was that the pen colors for the signature were matched to the drawings (gold, black, silver). I really appreticiate the thought put into this!

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